2011 Data Highlights--Melanoma 

John Dombrowski, MD PhD

The collaborative report focuses on the diagnostic, treatment and prognostic variables with melanoma.  Dermoscopy, Mohs surgery, sentinel node biopsy, AJCC staging and tumor thickness, interferon alpha 2b, interleukin-2, ipilumimab, and vemurafenib are discussed.  A comparison to NCDB is mentioned and the graph/table are attached here.

Figure #: Cummulative Survival by AJCC Group Stage for 2006 -2010

for Saint Louis University Hospital



The NCDB 1282 pooled hospital values for Cummulative Survival for 2003-2004 by AJCC 6th edition staging are reported below.  Survival data for later times and staging is not available for comparison.

Figure ##. Sentinel node positivity rate according to pathologic T stage of primary melanoma for Saint Louis University Hospital.

Figure ###.  Histopathology of a malignant melanoma (A) and accompanying MART1/Melan A immunohistochemical stain (B) from Saint Louis University. Original magnification 200x and 100x respectively.