Abdominal Transplant - Contact Us 

SLU Hospital’s Center for Abdominal Transplant is available whether you’re a transplant candidate, a potential organ donor, or a doctor seeking to refer a transplant candidate, our staff is available to answer your questions and get you better acquainted with our leading-edge, patient-centered transplant services.

For more information about SLU Hospital’s transplant services, please call 1-866-993-4673.

Other important phone numbers:

Transplant Center Number                    314-577-8867

Referral line                                         866-491-0858

Center Fax                                          314-577-5132


Contact Transplant Administration

Bruce R Bacon, MD, Center Director (baconbr@slu.edu)

Landon V. Ware, MBA, Transplant Adminstrator (Landon.Ware@tenethealth.com)

 Center for Abdominal Transplant