Saint Louis University Hospital Tumor Registry 
The Tumor Registry is an essential component to an American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer approved cancer program.  As part of a CoC approved program, the registry complies with the strict standards of the Commission under the guidance of the Saint Louis University Hospital Cancer Committee.  The Tumor Registry Staff is composed of  three Certified Tumor Registrars who receive extensive training in the collection, management, analysis, and dissemination of information on cancer patients.  The registry provides the data that the Cancer Committee uses to continue to monitor and improve the cancer program at Saint Louis University Hospital.  The registry is part of the Health Information Management Department and collects vital information on all patients' that are diagnosed and treated at the hospital.   In 2010, the registry accessioned a total of 1,089 cases, with 924 of those being analytic; receiving their first course of treatment here at Saint Louis University Hospital.

 The reference date for the registry at Saint Louis University Hospital is January 1, 1997.  The reference date refers to the date that all cases must be included in the registry before a program can be accredited by the ACOS-CoC.  Since that time, 12,276 cancer cases have been added to the registry.  The registrars use oncology data software to access a broad range of information that can be categorized by demographics, site of cancer, stage of cancer,  sex, race, gender, and treatment. This data is utilized by physicians, researchers, nonprofits and government agencies to study and improve the effectiveness of cancer care.  The hospital is required to submit data to the Missouri State Registry and the NCDB, a national database sponsored by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.   This data is compiled with data from other registries and used to pinpoint increases and decreases in cancer incidence nationwide.   The registry data is also used for internal quality improvement studies, to analyze outcome of treatment, community outreach, and to set goals for growth and improvement in the cancer program.

The registry continues to have as its goal to expand the acquisition of the most current and accurate data and to expand its uses in the effort to improve the quality of patient care here at Saint Louis University Hospital.