Show Me Healthy Women 
In 2011, the Saint Louis University Cancer Center (SLUCC) was awarded grant funding for the third year from the St. Louis affiliate of Susan G. Komen Foundation and through the state of Missouri’s Show Me Healthy Women to provide breast and cervical screenings for underinsured and uninsured women in Missouri. 

The SLUCC navigator program is different than other breast health programs in the community. With our patient demographic, location and clinical expertise, we serve the under-served, providing outreach, education, screening and diagnostic services to low-income women. The SLUCC navigator program includes a health navigator, nurse navigator, a translator and a clinical physician advisor.

The goal of the program is to provide mammograms and follow-up diagnostic services, working with the community to fight breast cancer in our region. For 2011, we provided breast education to more than 500 women, providing over 200 mammograms to women in the community.