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SLU Hospital among First in Region to Use Reveal Linq Device for Heart Monitoring

Cardiologists at SLU Hospital are among the first in the region to use a tiny device – Reveal Linq – to help them determine whether fainting, dizziness or even stroke are due to abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Approximately one-third of the size of a AAA battery, the Reveal Linq is implanted under the skin near a patient’s chest through a syringe-like device. It records an electrocardiogram (ECG) for up to three years, increasing the likelihood of capturing an infrequent episode. The recorded heart monitoring information is then sent to physicians wirelessly over a cellular network for daily monitoring of a patient’s heart rhythm. Cardiologists can also program the system to alert them to abnormalities.

Prior to the Reveal Linq, patients had to wear an external monitor for heart monitoring. However, many patients have found that the external monitors are difficult to wear and struggle with how to put them on. Also, these external devices record only 30 days of heart rhythm, limiting the amount of data a physician can study. On the other hand, three years of data recorded by the Reveal Linq can help a cardiologist understand the cause of unexplained dizziness, connecting the dots between an abnormal heart rhythm and something as serious as an unexplained stroke.

SLU Hospital Names New Chief Nursing Officer

On February 12, 2014, SLU Hospital named Russ Schroeder, RN, MHM as chief nursing officer (CNO). Schroeder began serving as interim CNO last August before being appointed to the permanent position by SLU Hospital CEO, Phillip E. Sowa. Schroeder joined the nursing leadership team at SLU Hospital in 2010 as Administrative Director of Nursing Operations. He brings proven leadership skills in complex patient management and nursing operations typical at an urban, academic Level I trauma center.