Blood Donation Services 

Each year Saint Louis University Hospital uses nearly 15,000 pints of blood and more than 5,000 units of platelets. The hospital needs the blood and platelets for a wide variety of procedures. These include:

 - Organ transplant operations involving the heart, lung, liver and
 - Trauma surgery
 - Open-heart surgery
 - Knee and hip replacements
 - Chemotherapy cancer treatments requiring blood transfusions

The hospital collects much of the blood/blood components that are used during these procedures. It is the goal of the hospital to collect more of the blood/blood components, relying less on outside sources.

Why should I consider donating blood?
Giving blood at our center may help improve or save the life of a Saint Louis University Hospital patient.

Can I donate specifically for a family member of friend who is being treated at Saint Louis University Hospital?
Of course! If you know someone who has been injured, is scheduled for surgery, or undergoing high-dose chemotherapy, just call Blood Donation Services at 314-577-8000.

Can my own blood be collected for my use prior to treatment or an operation?
We collect blood prior to elective surgery from individuals to be used in their own behalf, when the health of the patient allows. Blood can be collected up to three days prior to surgery.

Is the process of giving blood painful?
Many people who give blood find the experience neither painful nor uncomfortable.

How do some people donate “platelets only”?
Platelets are taken from donors through a process known as apheresis. Blood is drawn from the donor’s arm, collected in the separator, where the platelets are removed, and the remaining blood is returned to the donor.

What are platelets?
Platelets are a special component of blood. They are used to stop or to prevent bleeding. They are especially needed by those patients undergoing cancer treatment. The platelet product is only viable for five days after collection, and then it expires.

Can I catch disease from donating?
Collecting equipment that comes in contact with your blood is sterile and new to your collecting process. This allows for protection to both you and the recipient of your donated blood.

Location and Hours
Blood Donor Services is located on the ground floor in the West Pavilion, Saint Louis University Hospital, 3635 Vista at Grand, St. Louis, MO 63110.

The office is open:
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
By appointment Monday and Wednesday

Blood Donation Services can also do blood drives off-site, if needed.

For further information, please call 314-577-8000.

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