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At Saint Louis University Hospital, we are looking for skilled health care professionals with unwavering compassion. As a tertiary-quaternary hospital with a closed academic medical staff, we take pride in our culture of clinical excellence, innovation, teaching and research. Caring for some of the most critically ill and injured patients in the region--and in the country--requires our medical team to always be at the top of their game.

Our Vision

We will be the academic medical center of choice for cutting edge clinicians and passionate employees. Together we will serve our patients by providing a safe, innovative, culturally sensitive, quality driven and financially sound environment for patient care, teaching and research.

Our Statement of Employee Expectations

This is the credo of the employees of Saint Louis University Hospital. All members of our team believe, uphold, and reinforce the values espoused in this very important document.

  1. I will recognize that the care of our patients and the persons who support them, our physicians and fellow employees are the reasons I am here, and I will work to maintain the highest level of satisfaction for them at all times.
  2. I will approach my job with the professionalism and passion that are necessary to achieve this satisfaction, and I will do this through my focus, dedication and competent execution of my responsibilities.
  3. I will perform my job in a caring, courteous and compassionate manner at all times.
  4. I will uphold the highest standards in the quality of my work and in the protection of the dignity, confidentiality and safety of our patients.
  5. I will hold my co-workers to the same standard and will never accept unkind, unprofessional or unsafe behavior by any employee.
  6. I will never place blame on others if a patient should experience discomfort or inconvenience; instead, I will apologize and work to help recover any failed service.
  7. I will take pride in my job and adhere to our policies regarding my dress and appearance, standards of conduct and attendance.
  8. I will take ownership and pride in my place of work by being aware of the cleanliness and maintenance of our hospital, and I will correct or report issues that need attention.
  9. I will support and protect our hospital through compliance with all of the regulatory, ethical, educational and professional requirements of my job.
  10. I will remember that I am an employee of Saint Louis University Hospital, and I will never do or say anything at work or in public that could jeopardize our long and proud tradition in the community for being a hospital of excellence.

Our Parent Company

Saint Louis University Hospital is owned by Tenet Healthcare Corporation.Tenet offers a competitive benefits package including a 401(k) savings plan, income replacement, medical/vision/dental/life insurance after 31st day of employment, paid time off program, online educational program and an employee stock purchase plan. Tenet, its hospitals, and all employees share an ongoing commitment to uphold Tenet's Standards of Conduct and Ethics.

* Some Benefits may not apply to all hospitals and/or positions listed.

How Tenet Cares in the Community

Vision Statement
Tenet will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative care to the patients it serves in each community.

Our Tenets
- Meet the needs of each and every patient, whose care is our primary purpose and mission.
- Maintain and enhance cooperative relationships with physicians to better serve the health
  care needs of our communities.
- Forge strong partnerships with those who share our values.
- Achieve standards of excellence which become the benchmark of industry practices.
- Use innovation and creativity to identify and solve problems.
- Apply quality management and leadership principles to foster continued employee
- Treat each other, our patients and our partners with respect and dignity.
- Hold integrity and honesty as our most important principles and perform at all times at the
  highest ethical standards.
- Achieve a competitive return for our investors.
- Strive for improvement day in and day out in everything we do. 

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Our mission is to be recognized for the passion of our people who provide quality, innovative care to the patients we serve in our community. Our focus is on leadership, growth and philanthropy. It's a spirit you can experience first-hand and it's a philosophy that can enhance your own approach to healthcare, and your career goals. You can start by searching and applying for career opportunities nationwide.