Cancer Information Center 

The advances made in cancer risk reduction and treatment during the past 20 years have brought hope to many people. Fortunately, the number of people keeping pace with this progress has increased as well. People are becoming more interested in learning as much as they can about the disease: how to reduce risk, how to detect it and what treatments are available.

Saint Louis University Hospital’s strong commitment to research places it among those at the forefront of developing new cancer treatments. But the hospital also believes education is key to risk reduction and surviving cancer. For this reason, It supports the Grand Vision Cancer Information Center, which provides patients and their families, friends and caregivers with the resources to helpmake informed, well-thought-out decisions about cancer care and treatment.

A registered oncology nurse, who is also a cancer survivor, coordinates the Grand Vision Cancer Information Center. Using a focused computer information system, printed materials, classroom settings and one-on-one relationships, the center offers support in several ways.

Resources include:
|- Brochures, articles and other written material
- Computer searches
- Videos on specific types of cancer as well as on cancer detection
  and risk reduction
- Anatomical models on the physical aspects of the disease
- A speakers bureau on topics related to cancer for businesses,
  community and religious groups, physician practices and more
- A facilitator to conduct a seven-week quit smoking program
  developed by the American Lung Association

Hours of operation:
*  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
*  Evening hourse by appointment

The Grand Vision Cancer Information Center is open to the public and is located on the first floor of the Saint Louis University Hospital West Pavilion, 3655 Vista Ave. To speak with a cancer specialist, call Teresa Dunleavy, RN, at 314-268-7015.


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